Strategic and Technical Services

UEMS Solutions Sdn. Bhd. maintains a Strategic and Technical Services (STS) team comprising of engineers, construction professionals, certified energy managers, strategic planners, and financial analysts. Our STS team of specialized technical support is available on a project basis and offers a complete line of strategic and technical services, including:

  • Comprehensive Energy Management
  • Utility Planning Services
  • Capital Program and Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Building Commissioning
  • Deferred Maintenance Assessment
  • Strategic Facilities Planning
  • Facility Analysis and Review Services
  • Design and Build
Comprehensive Energy Management

UEMS Solutions Sdn. Bhd. develops and implements comprehensive energy management programs. Utilizing an operationally based approach, our program provides realistic and affordable management programs and processes which emphasize short term savings with long term program sustenance.

A key part of our focus is the improvement of operating and maintenance practices in order to ensure that capital invested for energy savings is focused on initiatives with the highest return.

Strategic Capital Planning

Strategic capital planning provides a comprehensive assessment of existing facility needs including deferred maintenance, life cycle replacement and modernization requirements. The assessment identifies, at a systems level, each project and its respective total cost. It provides a priority and sequencing strategy while sorting by the primary constituency being served. This approach results in an analysis that provides a basis for strategic capital planning as well as a means for operating managers to allocate limited funds. As a result of this analysis, financial officers are equipped with a quantitative measurement of the efficiency of facility expenditure in both operating and capital areas.

We also conduct overview assessments of the facility operations and maintenance function. Such a process is structured to assist facility managers in the identification of opportunities for correcting wasteful spending patterns, while also ensuring that services are delivered in a timely, cost effective manner.

Building Commissioning to Ensure Building Performance

Building commissioning is the process of design review, installation verification, performance testing and operator training to ensure that a facility’s operating maintenance and program support requirements are met and that the facility is receiving the quality for which it has contracted. Invariably, this service identifies and rectifies problems that would normally plague the successful operation of a project long after completion.

We assist clients in the commissioning and construction acceptance process by working as a totally independent party whose only interest is that of the facility. We would conduct a review of the design to ensure that it will deliver the intended building performance. An aggressive inspection process checks all building components and systems for their adherence to specification and design. Performance tests of all building systems are conducted under dynamic conditions to ensure that those systems will provide the intended service and environment.

When deficiencies are identified, UEMS Solutions Sdn. Bhd. ensures that the responsible parties are identified and that appropriate corrective action is taken. Equally important, UEMS Solutions Sdn. Bhd. trains facility personnel in proper building operating procedures so that once accepted, the facility can be operated and maintained.