Linen Management

Our program is set apart from our competition by virtue of our comprehensive capabilities. As an integral part of the program, linen will be maintained, properly processed, and inspected to deliver a healthy, professional atmosphere throughout your facility.

Maintaining laundry and linen controls

We will maintain your laundry and linen controls and keep accurate records. Your inventories will be kept up to date and at proper required levels.

  • Daily linen requirements – will be developed and recorded for each linen usage area to maintain a minimum amount of linen issued to various areas.
  • Initial inventory – An initial, complete linen inventory will establish an accurate record of all linen in service. Complete linen inventories will be conducted semi annually during the first year of the program, annually thereafter.
  • Circulating inventory – Total circulating inventory requirements will be developed, showing the quantity of each item of linen needed in circulation to maintain effective service to usage areas.
Our program includes:
  • Clearly defined work schedules. Special project calendars will be developed.
  • Scheduled wall cleaning program using the cleaning solutions best suited for your facility.
  • A program of maintaining the hard surfaces of walk ways and corridors on a daily basis, removing all loose soil and making wet cleaning more effective and complete will be implemented.
  • Regular cleaning, sanitization and inspection of common restrooms and locker rooms.
  • Routine damp cleaning using a cleaning solution on all window ledges and furniture.
  • A complete high dusting program to control dust and dirt.
  • The corporate resources will be available to address operational and technical issues, including the on site management team, and technical research and development specialists as needed.