Integrated Pest Management Service

UEMS Solutions’, has adopted an integrated approach combining pest control chemicals and preventative measures based on the behavioral patterns of pests to solving problems, referred to as Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Fulfilling your needs
  • Identification of all known and potential entry points and deciding methods by which prevention of pests entry by physical means may be achieved without use of chemical control.
  • Assistance to a facility in implementing a system to ensure proper screening of incoming/outgoing goods.
  • Sanitation and housekeeping practices will be noted and improvements, if required, will be suggested and constantly monitored.
Our approaches:
  • Non-chemical treatment involving structural control (modification of pests environment)
  • Non-chemical treatment involving sanitation and housekeeping.
  • Chemical treatment involving application of pesticides.
Seven stages of IPM programme
  • Environmental inspection
  • Analysis of your facility
  • Pest identification
  • Customized treatment techniques
  • Sanitation consultations
  • Treatment strategies
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance