Clinical Equipment Maintenance Services

Over the years, UEMS Solutions. have provided healthcare clients favourable results. UEMS Solutions understand your unique needs in Clinical Equipment Management. To ensure savings and cut your CE cost, we balance on site resources with the best specialised technical partners in the industry.

There are two programs to choose from that could lower costs, improve quality control, meet regulatory compliance, as well as increase employee and patient satisfaction:

A total management program

UEMS Solutions. could evaluate new technologies, analyze utilization and develop procurement plans. We also help to prepare bid specifications, analyze bid responses and negotiate for key equipment. Our program also includes:

  • Supervising quality/regulatory compliance
  • Providing a program engineer with proven experience in radiology and clinical engineering
  • Balancing the use of on site and outside technicians
  • Enhancing on site technical capabilities
  • Maintaining cooperative relationships with equipment manufacturers
  • Providing OEM equipment survey
  • Managing the services of OEMs and other providers
  • Develop in-house technical competencies
  • Minimizing use of service contracts and centralizing service records
On site management program

This program provides full management of in-house clinical engineering maintenance personnel under the guidance of an on site UEMS Solutions manager, backed by our extensive management systems, databases and technical resources.

  • Quality assurance and regulatory compliance
  • Comprehensive training and development program to upgrade in-house technical competencies
  • Proven clinical engineering program
  • Network to Knowledge proprietary 24 hour on-line resource
  • Rapid implementation
  • Strategies and techniques for controlling costs and guaranteeing savings
  • Our proprietary Maintenance Management Information System